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Video from the LGA Workforce Team Featuring Sue Evans on the Apprenticeship Levy

Hello PPMA members and friends Our post this week is a ‘Workforce News’ video podcast from our colleagues at the LGA and it features an interview with our President Sue Evans, who talks about the Apprenticeship Levy and it’s likely implications for councils. Phil Bundy, Senior Employment Law Advisor also talks about the legal aspects [...]

Video: The Launch of The PPMA Excellence in People Management Awards 2017

Hello PPMA members and friends We’re delighted to announce the launch of of our 2017 Excellence in People Management Awards and this video featuring Caroline Nugent, PPMA VP, Andrew Blake-Herbery CX at Havering Council and Stacey-Rebekka Karlsson Head of Government and Public Services at Guardian News and Media, explains more about the awards and this [...]

Sue Evans Video Update from the PPMA November Board Meeting

Hello PPMA members and friends The November board meeting took place last week in London and lots of exciting things were discussed…and to keep you all in the loop, Sue Evans has recorded another of her brilliant video blog posts.

Video: Update on Exit Payments and Gender Pay Reporting.

Hello PPMA members and friends Our blog post this week is on employment law and the changes coming up around Exit Payments and the Gender Pay reporting requirements, as well some of the Gender Pay issues facing local government. The video podcast produced by the LGA Workforce Team, also features an interview with the Leader [...]

Video Update from Sue Evans: SPDS Conference, PPMA News and More

Hello PPMA members and friends This is the second video blog from Sue Evans and it comes fresh from her return from the SPDS Conference in Scotland. Sue talks about what she learnt at the event as well as sharing some of the latest PPMA news.

Video – The Story Behind the Walk Tall EBook.

Hello PPMA members and friends As you will know, we recently joined forces with our friends at the LGA and SOLACE to put together a ebook called Walk Tall. It’s based on the brilliant research done by the University of Birmingham on the ’21st Century Public Servant and the book is full of inspiring and [...]

Webinar from Sue Evans on Leading Change in Warwickshire County Council

Hello PPMA members and friends Last week Sue Evans ran a very successful ‘guest’ webinar for The Improvement Service (IS) who are the national improvement organisation for local government in Scotland and the reaction to it has been unsurpassed – so we though that we’d share the seminar with you. In it Sue talks about [...]

Video: Highlights From the September 2016 PPMA Board Meeting With Sue Evans

Hello PPMA Members and friends Most of you will know that the latest PPMA ‘Away Day’ board meeting was held at Aston University in Birmingham late last week. It was packed programme and to keep you all up to date with what was discussed, our blog post this week is a short video update from [...]

Sue Evans New PPMA President Outlines Her Plans for the Year in a Video

Hello PPMA members and friends We heard last week from our two Vice Presidents and this week we have a short video from our new President Sue Evans. Sue shares with us her vision for the Association and talks about her key objectives for the year.   We’d love to hear from you with any [...]

Podcasts from Some of the Speakers at the PPMA Annual Seminar

Hello PPMA members and friends We’ve just published the audio podcast that was recorded at the Annual Seminar and it features some of the speakers including Neil Carberry from the CBI, who talks about productivity, John Henderson, Ex British Army Commander and now Chief Executive from Staffordshire County Council and Lucy Adams, from Disruptive HR. [...]