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Spring and the Sign of Things to Come

Hello All, It’s just that far into a dreary and very cold January to congratulate those whose resolutions hold and reassuring the dry January brigade that they are nearly there. I always feel that, once we get through January the year is truly settled and we can all focus on what needs doing. Our thoughts [...]

Webinar from Sue Evans on Leading Change in Warwickshire County Council

Hello PPMA members and friends Last week Sue Evans ran a very successful ‘guest’ webinar for The Improvement Service (IS) who are the national improvement organisation for local government in Scotland and the reaction to it has been unsurpassed – so we though that we’d share the seminar with you. In it Sue talks about [...]

Supporting the People Powering Change

Hello PPMA Members and friends The theme for our Annual Seminar in Birmingham next week is ‘Let’s Talk People’ and in readiness for that, our pre-seminar blog post, written by Barry Pirie in collaboration with our friends at Iken Business Management Software, focuses on how change is a fact of life for the public sector [...]

How Big or Small is Your World?

Hello PPMA members and friends Yvonne Skingle, a PPMA National Policy Lead and Director at Penna Executive Search writes for us this week and she says it’s always a good time to review and rethink your tired working practises – so break the cycle! “There are many world issues to stand back and consider  – [...]

O Brave New World

Hello PPMA members and friends Joanna Ruffle, PPMA East of England Regional Chair and Director of HR and OD at Southend Council writes our blog post this week. Joanna believes that if future generations are to reap the benefits, it is important to embrace and continue practising the values that make for good public services. [...]

West Midlands Workforce Matters – Discussions from an Open Space Session

Hello PPMA members and friends Sue Evans, Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development, Resources Group, at Warwickshire County Council and PPMA Vice-President, recently attended an Open Space Session sponsored by PPMA West Midlands and WM Employers and shares with us some of the discussions that took place on the day. “We met at the [...]

How Can HR Professionals Work Together to Deliver Effective Integrated Care?

Hello PPMA members and friends Our guest blogger this week is Jenny O’Neill, Resourcing Manager at Buckinghamshire County Council & PPMA CIPD Resourcing & Talent Planning Forum Lead. Jenny recently attend  a joint PPMA/HPMA event called ‘Closing the Gap’ and below she shares with us her learnings from the day. “I thought I would just [...]

Under Pressure

  Hello PPMA members and friends The next in our series of articles from PPMA Past Presidents, is written by Ron Patterson (1990 – 91), who looks at how adversity for the sector made his tenure as President more rewarding as progress started to build. ‘Looking in retrospect at my Presidential year in 1990 it [...]

Never Forget the People Function

Hello PPMA member and friends This is the third  in our series of 40th Anniversary celebration articles from PPMA Past Presidents. This week we hear from Brian McAndrew, who was President of SOCPO nearly 30 years ago, he recalls how the help of his peers and members, enabled the organisation to achieve great things. ‘Congratulations [...]

From Humble Beginnings – The Story of the PPMA

Hello PPMA members and friends You may have seen the recent excellent PPMA supplement published by our good friends The MJ and Penna. It coincided with our Annual Seminar in Bristol and of course the celebrations of our 40th Year! It features some fascinating articles written by past PPMA Presidents who recall their year in [...]