Group Additional Membership

Group Membership of the Association is open to individuals or to organisations who have the support of a Full Member of the PPMA which employ HR or OD professionals within the UK public services within England,Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, The PPMA recognises that organisations working in these countries may also be corporate members of other professional organisations or societies but this does not inhibit or restrict Group Membership of the PPMA.

In the case of organisations with group membership there must be at least one FULL member of PPMA who takes responsibility for the collection of the annual subscription for the group.

Group membership is an organisational entitlement and does not enable the transfer of membership benefits beyond the employment of the organisation concerned.

Group Membership provides an effective route for more than one professional within the organisation concerned becoming a member of the PPMA. There is no restriction upon the number of individuals employed in HR or OD roles that may benefit from PPMA membership via their organisations becoming group members.

Group Membership of the PPMA confers the same rights and entitlements upon the named individuals as stated for Associate Members. Should a named individual leave the employ of a Group Member, then all rights and entitlements cease at the point that employment ceases unless the individual joins PPMA in another category of membership.

Group Membership of the Association permits attendance at or access to conferences, seminars, products or services that the Association produces or sponsors.


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