Honorary Treasurer

Martin Rayson
Divisional Director, Human Resources and Organisational Development
London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

I was very proud to have act as the President of the PPMA in 2012/13 and grateful for the support I received from the Policy Board and PPMA Office. My theme for last year was the Olympic motto “Higher, Faster, Stronger” reflecting the need for HR to raise its game if it is to enable the organisations for whom we work to respond to the tremendous challenges we face. I believe that we made real progress as an organisation last year in defining the PPMA’s offer to our members, ensuring that the PPMA is relevant to them and is the forefront of promoting new ideas and a collaborative approach, both of which are fundamental to the future success of public services.

The future remains uncertain for those delivering public services and the PPMA must continue to adapt and grow.

A few minutes with.... Martin Rayson

Q: What makes you have a good day at work?

A: Good coffee, making a real difference to people's lives and actually seeing it - it can all feel a bit detached sometimes, people feeling empowered to come with solutions, not just problems

Q: Couldn't live without?

A: Good coffee, sunny summer evenings (remember them?), great sporting encounters, books (real ones with pages) and the family of course!

Q: Room 101...

A: people who drop rubbish (particularly people who throw rubbish from car windows), politicians on question time (can I say that) and my son would say, with raised eyebrows, queues and slow golfers

Q: What does being a member of PPMA means to you?

A: Together we are stronger - the chance to share, have a strong voice, be part of a community, making improvements to what we do

Q: What words would you use to describe a world class HR function?

A: Not just supporting the business but driving it forward

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