Honorary Treasurer

Honorary Treasurer: 

Michelle Kirk
Director at East of England Government Association


A few minutes with.... Michelle Kirk


Q: What makes you have a good day at work?

A: Knowing that I have been able to help colleagues resolve "wicked issues", being able to support others and see them grow in confidence and ability and actually getting home in time for dinner!


Q: Couldn't live without?

A: White wine, chocolate, my blackberry and my family.


Q: Room 101... 

A: Underserved criticism, when someone isn't recognized for their work, running out of time/letting people down and not getting home in time for dinner.


Q: What does being a member of PPMA means to you?

A: When I first joined PPMA I was amazed by the level of support and advice that suddenly became available to me, people being willing to take time out to help fellow professional and be generous with their knowledge, experience and resources.

I'm still learning as are others and it's a more reciprocal arrangement these days but I do my job better because of PPMA.


Q: What words would you use to describe a world class HR function?

A: Acknowledged great HR and OD practice appropriate for the context and challenges of the organization and situation. Cutting edge, forward thinking drivers for business and services that are transferable across services and industries; which deliver tangible and valuable outcomes.

Leading the way and enabling thinking and execution of HR and OD functions that integrate with and deliver the best possible outcomes for employees, managers and Leaders and demonstrate the value and contribution of the profession and its professionals.


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